Thank you for allowing me into your sacred space of healing and well-being.

I am just like you. I too have been on a healing journey and I have lived my share of challenges. The hardest being losing my father to suicide at the age of 12 and living most of my life with illness after illness.

After years of struggling with resentment, anger, frustration and numerous feelings such as unworthiness and low self-esteem, I finally was able to break free and forgive.

I have also battled several dis-eases since I was 2 yrs old. I have taken my life and my health back and have since dedicated my life to helping others in their journey toward living a more empowered and positive life. I am a Certified Life Coach, Master Reiki Practitioner NLP Practitioner and an Ordained Minister.

Being an Empath and Intuitive, I feel more, sense more and hear more than most. It is my hope to inspire, guide and teach others forgiveness and love.

It is an honor and blessing to serve your greatest good.

Below find some ways we can connect and various ways I can be part of your journey to health, healing and feeling good.

Join my Reiki Blessings Circle. Each month on the 3rd, I have a list of people I send Reiki to. I will begin 1/3/19 and if you would like to get on my list to be the recipient of my Reiki, join below.

“How does it work and what do I have to do?” All you have to do is be open to receive the energy I send you. How I do this is by grounding myself and setting aside time on the 1st of each month to meditate on a specific intention. Then preform a ritual to turn-on my Reiki. In this solitary space, filled with loving energy, I say your name aloud and set the intention for you to receive my magical healing energy in which I have been giving in hospitals, in person, at events and via distance sessions for 5 years.

All are welcome to be part of my Reiki Blessings Circle and my list is never too long for anyone to not take part. In fact, collective conscious shows us that we are more powerful as a group.

I will send Reiki to you on the 3rd day of each month, with each one focusing on something different:  ( To be Updated )

January: Root Chakra & Grounding
February: Sacral Chakra & Healing
March: Solar Plexus Chakra & Healing
April: Heart Chakra & Healing
May: Throat Chakra & Healing
June: Brow Chakra & Healing
July: Crown Chakra & Healing

As a reminder I will follow my intuition as to what I may be lead to focus on during each Reiki session.

SAVE 60% BY 1/31/19 - Joining my Reiki Blessings Circle for the year is only $38.40 if you join by 1/31/19! If you would like to do it month to month, you are welcome to for $8.00.
Book Annual $38.40 (must book by 1/31/19)
Book Monthly $8.00


Join My Support Group: P.O.W.E.R.
P.O.W.E.R. = Peace Of Wellbeing Empowering Reality

Power is a word we use for many different reasons and to explain many different things. For this specific Group I want you to come away feeling empowered and I want you to understand that you have POWER over your life.

We will be journaling so be sure to have a fresh notebook at your disposal.

Join Now and Save 60% for the year, use code SSX9JYH9 when registering

Book Annual $99 (must book by 1/31/19) regular price will be $165. for the year or $15. per class.

Join below,  use February's class  to register for the 60% off, after that they will be full price.  Once you register with the 60% Annual price for FEB class I will email you a 100% code to use for the remaining classes.













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One-on-one Intuitive Life-Coaching Session via Skype or Zoom: $77

My sessions can take the route of reading your chakras, picking up on intuitive messages that you may need and helping guide you through a challenge. My support is intended for you to have clarity and connect with the love inside you for you to guide yourself, through my insights, to act in your highest, best-serving good. I really love the personal connection in these hour-long sessions. I am here for guiding your health and healing journey, physically, emotionally or spiritually and help you to remove blocks and ease through situations.


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Healing Reiki Session in Person: $85

If you are in the Virginia area and would like to come to me for an in-person session, here is where you book. Once you have paid, I will email you confirming you and we will schedule your 40-minute session.


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Distance Healing Reiki Face to Face Virtually: $55

For convenience a virtual session can be booked. The healing energy of Reiki is powerful. I will scan your body and energy and we can work on your specific needs as well as what comes up. I will join you on Skype or Zoom for a face to face, one-on-one session. Once you have paid, I will email you confirming you and we will schedule your 40-minute session.


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Distant Reiki Personalized not Face to Face: $35

For convenience a virtual session can be booked. The healing energy of Reiki is powerful. Providing me with your name and information of what you wish to resolve, I will scan your body and energy on my time and work on your specific needs as well as what comes up. I will dedicate 20 minutes to your session and another 15 minutes to write up an email of what came up and my advice for you. Once you have paid, I will email you confirming you and we will schedule your 40-minute session.


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Live Workshops

Please email me for my schedule.

It’s Important You Know

While I do make a living from my services, at the core of what I do is to sincerely help you heal. If you genuinely are not able to afford my assistance, but really need my help, I am here for you. Please email me to discuss.

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Healing Offers

Reiki options

L;ve to Insp;re

Breaking the Stigma of Suicide & Depression;

this is not where the story ends.