Breaking the Stigma of Suicide & Depression;

this is not where the story ends.

L;ve to Insp;re

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We are forever on a Journey of faith, of learning and of growth. We are Spiritual beings living a human existence.  We will be tested; we have experiences that will push us to the limits, almost to a breaking point.

So many times in life we question what goes on around us and in our lives. We are challenged in almost every direction, from our jobs to relationships and from death to illnesses. At times we may even feel like it isn’t even worth the effort. Have you ever felt like that? I am sure that we all have from time to time.  We all question why we are here, we question our worth when we don’t feel we are appreciated or valued by another.  We question our beliefs, we question our abilities, and we question our strength when times are tough.  We beat ourselves up for making what seems like a wrong choice, or bad decisions. These are all experiences teaching us valuable lessons to help us grow, embrace them for they are creating your strength for tomorrow.

It is alright to get upset when things aren’t going right, no one said that you had to be practical or prudent every second of everyday. Just don’t stay in that place, learn to acknowledge your emotions embrace them, they are a part of You and then release them and find out what you can learn from what the challenge was. We are forever learning as we grow.  Don’t be so hard on yourself…you are doing the best you can.

Take a breath, a big deep breath. Now put your hand on your Heart, you feel your heart beating, you feel your chest rising and falling? Remember this, as long as there is breath left in your body and you heart is still beating, you my friend have a purpose and we need you.

You are here to:



You are here to touch, to inspire… to bring hope, joy and love into someone life and in some cases many people’s lives. I don’t believe that we are just here to exist in this life, but to actually be a part of it, to make a difference. That difference can just be to bring Love into someone’s life or to save someone from death, or maybe keep them from going down the wrong path. Maybe it is just to share in their Journey for a season. It may just be your smile that lights up their day, or to just let someone know they are not alone.


You will meet people in life that will teach you things you need to know…each one of those people are put in our lives for a purpose…to teach us something valuable. We may never know what that lesson may be or we may know immediately.

Challenges will arise and we will face many difficulties in life….pay attention to lessons in those challenges.Always value each person and each challenge…you may not know it immediately but you have been taught something valuable and it may be years before you know what it is.



Take a chance in life…LOVE! You may be hurt, but you loved…you got to experience it, feel it and know it. There is no greater gift in the world then the gift of Love, the gift of oneself to another human being. The gift of sharing your life…your hopes, your dreams, your joys and your sorrows. Or maybe just sharing a moment in time that is never meant to last but to be a special moment held in your heart. Hold on to those times those memories…not to bring pain but to bring joy in your heart that you felt Love. Love is the greatest feeling in the world, even if it is for just a brief moment.

Throw those notions out the window that life sucks, life is truly what you make it. You have choices every day and you can choose to let life be this amazing experience that gives you the opportunity to just be alive.

This journey called life is a miracle. It is an amazing thing to be a part of, to be able to live on this beautiful place called Earth…just look around you, how could you not think this place is a miracle, the air, the grass, the trees, the way it all works together to create sustain life. Simply amazing! Simply brilliant!

Enjoy this precious journey; don’t let it go to waste. Live every moment, don’t let a single moment go unnoticed for that moment meant something. It was a moment in time that you will never recover; you will never get to relive it again.


Embrace and Enjoy Your Life!

 Love & Light